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Illustrator: On-Art Free Transform

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 6.21.53 PMFreedom is never truly free, unless you are talking about the Free Transform tool. Although the function hasn’t really changed much, it’s gotten a lot easier to use in this version of Illustrator CC, providing the user with many more useful visual cues and an onscreen widget as well.

  • Choose the Free Transform Tool [E]
  • An on screen widget with options will show up.
  • Drag a corner of the bounding box of your selection to transform the art. Icons will dictate what kind of transform you are making.
  • Constrain – Will maintain the aspect ratio of the object so it is sized porportionately. Only really applies to the Free Transform
  • Free Transform – Allows you to chafe the width and height of the object, as well as rotate the object
  • Perspective Distort – When dragging one corner, the opposite corner will converge or diverge as if in perspective.
  • Free distort – drag any corner of anywhere


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