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Encoding Video (for HTML5)

2012/01/03 Leave a comment

If you don’t have video editing tools available, these are great free open-source tools:

  • has a plug-in for firefox that can encode to Ogg codec. (ogv file)
  • HandBrake can encode to H.264 mp4.
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HTML5 Video

2012/01/03 Leave a comment

HTML5 video support means Flash is no longer the default choice when distributing video over the web. Native video support means:

  • No need for 3rd party plug-ins.
  • Cross-browser compliance
  • Current specification does not declar a standard video codec (H.264, VP8, OGG Theora)

<video src=”myVideo.mp4″ width=”320″ height=”240″ controls preload=”false”></video>

  • controls: adds play, pause, button, volume slider

To ensure a browser will play the video, the video can be defined with multiple video sources using different codecs:

  • <video width=”320″ height=”240″ controls preload=”false”>
    <source src=”video1.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″ />
    <source src=”video1.ogv” type=”video/ogg” />
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