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A super duper detailed explaination of Photoshop Blend Modes!

2012/10/31 Leave a comment

This is a super awesome super detailed explanation of how blend modes work in Photoshop.  It even explains the math behind the numbers used by the individual modes.


FontShop’s Educational Resources

2010/09/14 Leave a comment

Font AnatomyFontShop has a /education link that has great primers for typography beginners. Easily downloadable and printable!

You can download each PDF individually, or get all of them at this link.

Dear Adobe…

2010/06/17 Leave a comment

Dear Adobe is a website where people can voice their complaints about Adobe programs. While most of the gripes involve some form of “lower your prices” and most of the rest are made by people who don’t know how to use the program well enough to address their own issues, there are still quite a few legitimate complaints posted. It’s nice to see other people share your frustrations!

I’m finally posting this up because I just found out the website has an “adobe responses” section. This is a great area to visit because it addresses the most valid issues, and you feel like Adobe is talking to you. You also get a sense of what their priorities are and what direction they are trying to develop a program into.

Photoshop Timeline (20 Years)

2010/02/20 Leave a comment

Via Gizmodo

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