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Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool

2013/08/21 Leave a comment

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 9.55.38 AMHad some problems with licensing and Adobe Technical support told me about the Cloud Cleaner Tool. How come I haven’t heard about this before! Cleans to way back too!

The Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool helps resolve installation problems for Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Creative Suite 6, Adobe Creative Suite 5 – 5.5, Adobe Creative Suite 4, and Adobe Creative Suite 3 software. The tool can also clean up install records for any pre-release (beta) installations of these products.

Update: Verdict. It sorta kinda worked.


InDesign CS6: PDF Form Functions

2012/12/04 Leave a comment

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 3.30.48 PMIt’s finally here! You can now add and edit PDF form fileds directly in InDesign! PDF Form fields are now an extended function of the Buttons Panel, now called the Buttons and Forms Panel.

Instead of a regular button, now you can convert an object to a CheckBox, Combo Box, List Box, Radio Button, Signature Field or Text Field. A PDF options area below in the panel allows you to customize some options. Object >Interactive displays a whole list of interactive objects you can convert a shape into.

Obviously having the feature native to InDesign is a big plus, but I am finding that there are some options that still need to be setup afterwards within Acrobat (like changing text color for the form field). But you can do some funky customizeation of check box appearances…etc. Either way, even though you still have to edit the form somewhat within Acrobat, it’s a pretty decent feature.

The pre-built buttons library is also updated to include form fields as well! Window > Sample Buttons and Forms!


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Rotation Confusion

2011/06/10 Leave a comment

Photoshop rotates in a different direction than Illustrator and InDesign. If you rotate an object using the transform, Photoshop rotates the object clockwise. If you rotate in Illustrator or InDesign, the object is rotated counterclockwise! I never noticed this, because I can’t tell my left from my right anyway.

Adobe Bridge: Reveal All Recent Files

2011/02/10 Leave a comment

If you regularly work in a lot of different folders across a large number of projects, this should be a big time saver. In Bridge CS4 and up, the Path Bar, has an icon that looks like a clock with a backwards arrow on it. Click on that, and you can get bridge to display all the recent files you worked on through adobe applications. Hurray for saving time!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to display non-adobe file formats (like text files or excel files) even though bridge is able to see them regularly.

Book Color

2010/10/11 Leave a comment

I haven’t completely wrapped my head around the idea of a “Book Color” quiet yet, but it’s been around since CS2.

A Book Color is a spot swatch that contains both CMYK and LAB color values and can use the appropriate color information for better color consistency.

Mordy Golding’s blog post Busting the Myth: achieving consistent color across Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign does a superb job of explaining this. The bit about Overprint Preview is awesome! Go Mordy!

Old Creative Suite Icons

2010/10/08 Leave a comment

I came across the contents of an old work mac while archiving some old drives. They look so quirky and quaint and have a ton of personality compared to today’s icons, which seems so monolithic in comparison. Check out big icons after the break.

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Organize Illustrator/InDesign Layers with Unicode Characters

2010/09/15 Leave a comment

Use Unicode Characters to help organize layers. I color code mine too.

I’ve wanted Illustrator and InDesign to be able to put layers into groups (folders) for a long time, but it keeps not happening. So I’ve been naming my laers methodically so it appears organized and hierarchical and I realized today that I can totally copy and paste unicode characters to help me do this.

  • Photoshop has Layer Groups
  • Illustrator does not have Layer Groups
  • Illustrator has, instead, Sublayers
  • Sublayers != Layer Groups
  • InDesign, starting with CS5, has Sublayers
  • Adobe is probably not going to give InDesign and Illustrator Layer Groups anytime soon ☹.
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