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Photoshop CS6: Big Bad Brushes

2013/01/14 Leave a comment

Photoshop CS6 introduces new brush tips, the Erodible Tip and Airbrush Tip, along with the Bristle Brush, and the old standby of Standard Brush Tips and Patterened tips. They have little icons so you can tell which is which.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 3.47.21 PM


Photoshop CS6: Airbrush Tips

2013/01/14 2 comments

A new brush tip in Photoshop CS6 is Airbrush Tips, which replicates spray cans with a 3D conical spray. Photoshop help’s description of what the options are are pretty useless, so play around with them and have fun.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 3.07.07 PM

Photoshop CS6: Brush Projection

2013/01/14 Leave a comment

Brush Projections allow Standard Brush Tips and Patterned Brush Tips to emulate natural media by allowing the tips to utilize Tilt and Rotation information from the stylus. A standard circle-shaped brush can now be “projected” through the tile and rotation information and the shape transformed. I think the option is disabled for Bristle Brushes, which already detects tilt and rotation.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 1.53.55 PM

Photoshop CS6: Brush Pose

2013/01/14 Leave a comment

Brush Pose is a brush setting in Photoshop CS6 that allows the user to override the stylus input. Basically, if you want to repeat a brush stroke at the same angle or pressure, you can override either the X or Y tilt, the Rotation, or the pressure sensitivity. If you override them all, the brush is basically locked as if you were using a mouse.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 1.34.12 PM


Photoshop CS6: Erodible Brush Tips

2013/01/14 2 comments

On the digital painting front, Photoshop CS6 introduces Erodible Brush Tips, which, honestly, seems like a whole new brush tip category (more on that later).

  • Softness: Controls the rate of wear
  • Shapes: Change tip shape from flat to round
  • Sharpen Tip: Sharpens Tip

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 1.31.10 PMerodible tips

Photoshop & Painter Feature Compatibility

2012/10/12 Leave a comment

I am starting to mess with Painter a bit. Who knows where it will go, but there’ll be some Painter posts sprinkled here and there. To start things off, a list of compatible features shared between Photoshop, and what’s not shared.

PSD & RIF Compatible Features

  • Layers
  • Layer Groups
  • Masks
  • Blend Modes
    • Normal
    • Dissolve
    • Multiply
    • Screen
    • Overlay
    • Softlight
    • Hardlight
    • Lighten
    • Darken
    • Difference
    • Hue
    • Saturation
    • Color
    • Luminosity
  • Guides
  • ICC Profiles

Incompatible RIF Data (Painter Data that Photoshop Can’t Read)

  • Dynamic plug-in layers
  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Transformed layers
  • Water color layers
  • Liquid Ink
  • Impasto

Incompatible PSD Data (Photoshop Data that Painter can’t read)

  • Adjustment Layers
  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Smart Objects
  • Layer Styles
  • Vector Masks
  • Layer Fill Opacity

So what to make of all that? Rule of thumb, save a copy in each programs native format even if you are going to  use a single file across both programs


Photoshop Color Picker Keyboard Shortcut

2012/10/03 Leave a comment

You can edit and customize your own keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop by going to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts… I’ve always tried to use the default set so I don’t fuss with this much, but apparently starting with CS5, the Color Picker is an option to be mapped to a keyboard shortcut!

If you need to access the color picker often (such as digital painting) this might come in handy! Or, if you are on a machine without hardware acceleleration (or like me where it’s really slow) and the HUD Color Picker doesn’t work so well, this is a great option.

I picked the ; (semicolon) and the ‘ (apostrophe) as my color picker shortcuts because the original ones were mapped to some magnetic lasso function. Magnetic lasso is useless anyway. Also, the keys are next to the [return] key, so it’s easy to get rid of the color picker once you are done too!

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