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Auto Color Correction with Adjustments

2013/01/09 Leave a comment


This is really actually already present in CS5 (maybe even earlier), but many (Curves, Levels, Black and white, Contrast/Brightness) of the adjustment layers (and adjustments) in Photoshop have an Auto button to make life easier. A minor convenience!



Photoshop Color Picker Keyboard Shortcut

2012/10/03 Leave a comment

You can edit and customize your own keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop by going to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts… I’ve always tried to use the default set so I don’t fuss with this much, but apparently starting with CS5, the Color Picker is an option to be mapped to a keyboard shortcut!

If you need to access the color picker often (such as digital painting) this might come in handy! Or, if you are on a machine without hardware acceleleration (or like me where it’s really slow) and the HUD Color Picker doesn’t work so well, this is a great option.

I picked the ; (semicolon) and the ‘ (apostrophe) as my color picker shortcuts because the original ones were mapped to some magnetic lasso function. Magnetic lasso is useless anyway. Also, the keys are next to the [return] key, so it’s easy to get rid of the color picker once you are done too!

I Finally Found a use for my Wacom Express Keys

2012/09/18 Leave a comment

I have always thought the “Express Keys” on the tablets to be fairly useless, until recently. Recently I started using my tablet more on the PC, and right-clicking with a pen is either a pain in the butt or absent (on certain pens). So I have mapped the Express keys to the keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop for the HUD color picker, and the HUD brush opacity/size/hardness settings. These keys can’t be remapped in Photoshop, so being able to put them on another physical button is great!

  • HUD Color Picker on PC : Shift+Alt+Right Click
  • HUD Brush Options on PC : Ctrl+Alt+Right Click

Gradient Glows

2012/07/02 Leave a comment

You can pick a color for your glows and drop shadows, but you can also pick a gradient! Usually if you click on the gradient radio button it’ll default to the chosen fill color and transition to transparency. Basically, it’ll look exactly the same. But if you click on the dropdown menu, you can choose from any of your gradient swatches. Rainbow glow!!

Layer Styles that can use this include: Outer Glow, Inner Glow.

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InDesign Button Actions: Support for Various Outputs

2012/03/22 Leave a comment

Buttons are great for adding interactivity to a document. Between the options for DPS (digital publishing), PDF, and SWF export, not all button functions are supported. here is a simple graphic break down

Adobe Illustrator’s Symbol Libraries

2012/03/15 1 comment

I don’t use Illustrator’s pre-built symbols library very much, but when I want something, I can never find it. So here is all of them all opened up at the same time!

Illustrator Symbol Libraries

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Fireworks: Effects Vs. Live Effects

2012/01/26 Leave a comment

It’s common knowledge that live adjustments (adjustment layers, layer styles, smart filters, life effects) are better than boring old ones because you can tweak the settings afterward and they are non-destructive. It’s also common knowledge that you usually get fewer of them to play with than your destructive filters. But in Fireworks, there’s actually MORE options available as Live Effects than as regular effects! The graphic highlights the extra features available! Go Fireworks!

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