Working with Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite for InDesign CS5 & 5.5

Digital Publication is the exciting new frontier for the publishing industry. All the major magazines are already publishing content for tablet and mobile devices. Fortunately, a digital publication isn’t that different from a traditional print publication, and we can leverage our existing knowledge of InDesign to help us get started.
In this book we’ll focus on learning the new tools In Adobe InDesign that allow us to create a digital publication and the interactive overlay components. Our workflow will be based on a Single Edition publication for the Apple iPad 2.
Learn how to create an interactive digital publication with :

  • Hyperlinks
  • Slideshows
  • Image Sequences
  • Audio & Video
  • Panoramas
  • Web Content
  • Pan & Zoom
  • Buttons

We will learn how to build a digital publication using the new Folio Builder Panel and Overlay Creator Panel. We will also learn how to setup our document so it’s flexible and can accommodate both a horizontal and vertical layout. Kindle edition:

Createspace estore:

Create Interactive PDFs Using Adobe InDesign CS5 & 5.5

If you know a bit about InDesign already and want to learn how to add interactive elements to it, this book is a great starting point!

In this book, you’ll learn how to add these interactive elements to your PDF file using InDesign CS5 $ 5.5 :

  • Hyperlinks & Cross-References
  • Audio & Video Files
  • Page Transitions
  • Bookmarks
  • Buttons

Get it from the Createspace store!

Also available in Kindle Edition!

Drawing Basic Shapes

Practice your drawing skills by starting with basic shapes. This book contains over 100 photos from which to practice.

Get it from the Createspace store!

Also available on the Kindle!

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