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Adobe Bridge: Reveal All Recent Files

2011/02/10 Leave a comment

If you regularly work in a lot of different folders across a large number of projects, this should be a big time saver. In Bridge CS4 and up, the Path Bar, has an icon that looks like a clock with a backwards arrow on it. Click on that, and you can get bridge to display all the recent files you worked on through adobe applications. Hurray for saving time!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to display non-adobe file formats (like text files or excel files) even though bridge is able to see them regularly.


Bridge/Mini Bridge + InDesign Integration: Show Me the Links

2011/01/25 Leave a comment

Bridge + Mini Bridge does better previews with InDesign files. Now you can specify it to show multiple pages of the file in the preview. You can also ask Bridge to show you all the files that are linked to the InDesign file. This is especially great if your links are in multiple locations!

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