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Photoshop & Painter Feature Compatibility

2012/10/12 Leave a comment

I am starting to mess with Painter a bit. Who knows where it will go, but there’ll be some Painter posts sprinkled here and there. To start things off, a list of compatible features shared between Photoshop, and what’s not shared.

PSD & RIF Compatible Features

  • Layers
  • Layer Groups
  • Masks
  • Blend Modes
    • Normal
    • Dissolve
    • Multiply
    • Screen
    • Overlay
    • Softlight
    • Hardlight
    • Lighten
    • Darken
    • Difference
    • Hue
    • Saturation
    • Color
    • Luminosity
  • Guides
  • ICC Profiles

Incompatible RIF Data (Painter Data that Photoshop Can’t Read)

  • Dynamic plug-in layers
  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Transformed layers
  • Water color layers
  • Liquid Ink
  • Impasto

Incompatible PSD Data (Photoshop Data that Painter can’t read)

  • Adjustment Layers
  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Smart Objects
  • Layer Styles
  • Vector Masks
  • Layer Fill Opacity

So what to make of all that? Rule of thumb, save a copy in each programs native format even if you are going to  use a single file across both programs


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