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Cropping Tool: Scaleograph

2013/12/02 3 comments

Randomly wondered what the icon of the Crop Tool crop_icon is based on, and did a little sleuthing. The physical, analog tool is called a “scaleograph” and is a slightly cooler version of the “L”s that you use in photography to crop. the metal rod running across the two Ls help keep the aspect ratio.

Now I must buy one.

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Dual Wacom Tablet Setup (Part 2)

2013/08/24 Leave a comment

So here is my attempt at setting up two Wacom Tablets on a single system…

triple screen Triple MonitorsI originally had a dual monitor setup, which was no big deal. But then I got rid of my desktop and got a laptop instead, so I thought I might as well take advantage of all three screens. Hence the triple monitor setup
1 Intuos 3 (PTZ-631W)
I have an old Intuos 3. It’s the wide version, but as you can see, mapped to 3 screens, it’s really not very efficient. The pen also begins to feel impercise at this point.I also choise Intuos 3 because it supports the Art Pen, but more on that later.
mE-4Vn5MCivEcKalJ_E69dw Intuos 3 (PTZ-430)I bought a second tablet off of Craigslist for $25 bucks because it was missing a pen (perfect!). Wacom recommends to stick with the same series of tablets so you can use the same pen across the tablets, so this is perfect. For how old Intuos 3s are, a pen would be worth more than the tablet at this point.So this second tablet will be mapped to the third screen, and the widescreen tablet will be mapped to the first and second screens
6x11setup Intuos 3 (PTZ-631W) Setup
Both Tablets are now plugged in and is recognized by the driver software.I set the screen area to Portion and mapped it to screens 1 and 2 manually. Force porportions, and turned off Windows Ink.
 4x5 setup Intuos 3 (PTZ-430) Setup
For the second tablet I just had it set up to map to Monitor 3.And that’s it!The big tablet works with monitors 1 and 2, and the small tablet works with monitor 3. This is actually ideal for me because monitor 3 is setup with multiple inputs so frequently it acts as a second monitor for another computer system. So now I’ve managed to isolate monitor 3 with it’s own controls!
 display toggle But there’s more…
One of the newer options for the tablet drivers is the Display Toggle. The display toggle allows you to switch tablet controls between different screens, so it’s mapped to one screen at a time. I find this unintuitive and confusing, but I am setting it up to see if maybe I an get used to it.I set the display toggle on both my express keys and on my pen click, which i never use otherwise.With the current setup it toggles between each monitor individually, full (all 3) and portion (1 and 2).
 imgres What Doesn’t Work… the 6D Art Pen
You may have noticed in my screeshots above that I also have a Wacom Art Pen, also called the 6D pen. This is one of the primary reasons I got an Intuos 3, because there really isn’t an equivalent pen for Intuos 4 and 5s. The 6D pen has no buttons and no erasers, and doesn’t sit in the pen well properly, but it does allow the tablet to detect ROTATION, which, if you aren’t using a round brush, is super helpful.This worked well before when I had just one tablet, but with a dual tablet setup, it seems to be broken. It took many re-installations and may reboots before I isolated the problem.Here’s what I am running into.

  • If i try to use the 6d pen on the second tablet, everything crashes and I can’t use the tablets at all.
  • It does work on the first tablet (the big tablet), but with both tablets installed, it becomes very jiggery and unresponsive.
  • I’ve mapped it to all 3 screens for now, so it’s an alternative to Display Toggle
  • Imma going to email wacom about this. see if they even care about support for such an old product.

UPDATE: Freezes too often, at least on my machine, to be worth it. I took off the second tablet for now. Will use mouse to get to third screen.

So that’s my Triple Monitor, Dual Wacom tablet setup! Hope the drivers don’t crash often!

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