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Adobe Photoshop Touch: Adobe Eazel Review

2011/06/02 Leave a comment

This one is so bad, I’m not even going to take screenshots.

The only thing “Photoshop” about this is that you can transfer your file over to be opened on Photoshop, where it will be re-rendered at a higher resolution. As far as the drawing and painting capabilities? Get SketchBook Pro Instead, or heck, get SketchBook Express (Free).

It can only get better from here.


Adobe Photoshop Touch: Adobe Color Lava Review

2011/05/15 Leave a comment

Color Lava lets you use the iPad’s screen as a palette to mix colors with.This is what it does

  • You can save your sample colors as swatches and save a set of 5 swatches as a ‘color theme’
  • You can load a photo from your photo roll and use that as the palette to mix colors
  • You can sample a color so it becomes the color in your color picker in Photoshop.

Here’s what’s not so great.

For all the Photoshop connectivity you expect, it only transmits one piece of information to Photoshop (to pick the foreground color swatch)

  • You can’t sample a color in photoshop to bring it into Color Lava
  • You can’t load your photoshop document into Color lava to use for color mixing
  • You can’t pick colors from the side using any color numbers
  • You can’t save multiple palettes.
  • you can’t save your color themes out as swatches
  • you can’t upload your color themes to Kuler.

To be truly useful, the app and photoshop really needs to be able to talk back and forth, and that’s not happening here.

Adobe Photoshop Touch: Adobe Nav Review

2011/05/10 Leave a comment

Nav is  not particularly ambitious, and basically looks to customize/replace the Tools Bar in Photoshop. What’s really exciting is not what it does, but all the things it doesn’t do that you immediately realize you want it to.

This is kind of lame, since Tools Bar hardly takes up any space on screen. Plus, most of the tools on the Tools Bar already have keyboard shortcuts assigned. If you are a power user, you should already know your keyboard shortcuts. Also, Photoshop has a temporary toggle for tools, which the Nav doesn’t have. This makes using Nav Buttons a worse experience than regular Photoshop. I was really hoping it was more like Adobe Configurator.

I ended up putting the Smudge/Sharpen/Blur tools on there, because there is no default shortcut for these tools. Especially the Smudge, since [R] is now used for the rotate canvas tool.

The Document Thumbnail View is nice. It lets you see an open list of documents, with a nice big thumbnail, up to 200. But it just make me wish I could also use it as Bridge.

I wish it could:

  • Override iPad’s native time-out session
  • Access Menu Commands
  • USE some of the tools in the tool button. Pinch on my iPad to zoom in and out of my PSD document, how awesome would that be. or rotate view!, common!!!!!
  • See layer information
  • See recent documents information
  • See and run actions (as buttons)
  • Open up individual panels on the iPad.
  • Be nice if there is Adobe Bridge for iPad.

It’s all very one-point-oh. And, I’m sure there will be tons of improvements to come. But so far, I’m more excited by the possibilities that are to come, than what has been delivered so far.

Photoshop Express Run Through

2011/04/19 Leave a comment

I got an iPad2!

Photoshop Express is a free app available for download. Here is a run through of it… My impression of it is that it’s not that great.

Here is the PDF file.

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