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The Many Rulers of Illustrator (CS5)

Illustrator got a ruler enhancement in CS5–it’s longer! Let’s take a look at the various rulers in Illustrator.

  • Artboard Rulers and Global Rulers: The regular old ruler is now split as two rulers. Global Ruler is what we’ve been using all along. Artboard Rulers lets each artboard have its own ruler coordinates.
    • View > Ruler > Chage to Global/Artboard Ruler
    • [Ctrl+Alt+R] to toggle
    • Global Ruler coordinate changes will shift pattern fills
  • Video Rulers: Video rulers are for video. In Video, many devices have non-square pixels. When displayed on a monitor, the object will look squished or stretched. With a video ruler, you can set a ratio for the ruler in Artboard options to measure items on your artboard with the ratio dialed in.
  • Perspective Grid Ruler: Corresponds to the actual object size if the object weren’t in perspective. I think it’s measured in pixels…

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