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Transparent Gradients in Adobe InDesign

Illustrator CS4 introduced an Opacity setting to the gradient tool (horray, no more opacity mask!). InDesign will let you create a tranparent gradient as well.

  1. Create a basic gradient. Make a swatch out of it if you want.
  2. Use the Gradient Feather [Object > Effects > Gradient Feather] effect to introduce an opacity gradient to your gradient.
  3. Since the Gradient Feather effect has its own set of controls, the direction of the gradient’s transparency can be independent from the gradient itself
  4. Since InDesign lets you apply effects to the object and fill independently, you can create 2 sets of overlying opacity gradients to your gradient.
  5. Since the gradient feather is an effect, you can apply this to ANYTHING!
  1. 2012/03/12 at 4:26 pm

    Spot on, worked a treat!

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