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InDesign: Ungrouping objects releases them back to their original layers

2016/07/07 Leave a comment

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.51.22 PMJust found this out, but when you group objects, InDesign places the group into one top level layer. BUT, when you ungroup it, InDesign releases it back to the original layers! This has been a great discovery for working with interactive overlays and interactive buttons.

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Photoshop CS6: Layers JDI Enhancements

2013/01/15 Leave a comment

Productivity enhancements, or JDI features (Just Do It) are small improvements and minor tweaks to the program that only impress the hardcore users who would know the difference. Here’s some of the good one for Layers in Photoshop CS6. The notes are based on the following video:

  • Properties Panel works really well in conjunction with the Layers Panel to display tweak-able properties for adjustment layers, 3D layers, Masks, and so on.
  • When doing free transform on a layer, options bar has option for selecting the type of resampling
  • “Blend If” in layers styles has its own icon
  • Can change blend modes of multiple layers at once.
  • Assign Layer Color by right-clicking/ctrl-clicking the eyeball. Right clicking on the layer itself gives a much longer menu that does the same thing.
  • Ctrl+J (new layer via copy) can now copy multiple layers, and can copy groups
  • Clipping masks can now clip to a group!
  • Tab/Shift Tab to jump from layer to layer when renaming
  • Layerstyles can be applied to group!
  • Option/Alt Click on the arrow of the  [fx] icon to expand/retract the list of effects for the entire document
  • New “Rasterize Layer Style” option. This is not the same as ‘create layers” which expands out the layer styles into individual rasterized layers.
  • Change opacity to 0% with 00 (double zero)
  • Video Groups
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Photoshop CS6: Layer Filtering

2012/11/15 Leave a comment

Layer Management has become easier in Photoshop CS6 with the new Layer Filtering feature. Now you can filter layers to only see the ones you want!

Fireworks: Pages, Layers, States

2012/01/11 Leave a comment

Fireworks works a bit differently than Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It works well with both vector and raster artworks. Each page has it’s own set of layers, and each State can have it’s own set of layers too!

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InDesign CS5 New Feature: Layers & Sublayers

2010/10/05 Leave a comment

InDesign CS5 introduces sublayers into the layers panel. I was already getting to hate it until I explored it a bit, and was pleasantly surprised to discover the implementation is done much better than in Illustrator.

  • Sublayers are automatically named: Create a text frame, InDesign will name the sublayer with the content inside the frame. Draw a shape, InDesign will name it a circle, square, polygon accordingly. Whats even better, as you make changes to your objects, InDesign will automatically update the names (unless you changed it manually).
  • Sublayers take the color of the parent layer: and will update to match the color of the parent layer wYhen the parent layer changes color.
  • You can right click: Right click on a sublayer, and you’ll be able to “select item” or “select and fit item”.
  • The Layers Panel will only display objects on the currently selected spread as sublayers.

I still wish there is a way to group layers natively, but I definitely like this better than Illustrator’s implementation.

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Lock It Down: Ways to Lock Frames in InDesign

2010/09/23 Leave a comment

InDesign offers many options for locking items down so they aren’t accidentally moved. Personally, I use them in various combination, or all together at once.

Here are a few methods:

  • Place frame on Master Page: Frames on Master Pages are not selectable by default.
  • Place Item on Locked Layer: Frames on a locked layer are not selectable.
  • Deselect [allow Master Page Overrides]: Make Master Page items even more tamper proof by disallowing overrides.
  • Lock Position (CS4): Frame position and size is locked, but content is editable
  • Lock (CS5): Entire frame is locked, like Illustrator. (Can be changed to “lock position” behavior in preferences)

Organize Illustrator/InDesign Layers with Unicode Characters

2010/09/15 Leave a comment

Use Unicode Characters to help organize layers. I color code mine too.

I’ve wanted Illustrator and InDesign to be able to put layers into groups (folders) for a long time, but it keeps not happening. So I’ve been naming my laers methodically so it appears organized and hierarchical and I realized today that I can totally copy and paste unicode characters to help me do this.

  • Photoshop has Layer Groups
  • Illustrator does not have Layer Groups
  • Illustrator has, instead, Sublayers
  • Sublayers != Layer Groups
  • InDesign, starting with CS5, has Sublayers
  • Adobe is probably not going to give InDesign and Illustrator Layer Groups anytime soon ☹.
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