Illustrator: Curvature tool

2015/09/03 1 comment

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.30.20 PMThere’s a new tool for path drawing, and it’s called the Curvature Tool. I don’ t know if it’s because I’m so used to the pen tool, but this tool feels a bit weird to me. But basically, instead of straightlines being the default, curve lines are the default. you can still draw straight lines, but it takes a bit more work to do so (double click or alt click to change the type of anchor point it’s supposed to be). overall i found it to work pretty well, but it seems to have trouble drawing loops!

Also, if i select a loop (drawn with the pen tool) and with the curvature tool, once i click on the anchor point, it immediately changes it to a normal curve instead!

  • click to place anchor points
  • Illustrator connects points with curves
  • Double click / alt click to change the next anchor point to a straight point
  • hover back at previous points to edit
  • esc/cmd click to exit tool

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.29.41 PM (2) Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.35.14 PM (2)


Crayola Crayon Color History

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InDesign: Print Booklet now works with Alternate Layouts

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Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.53.53 AMYes!

I have no idea when it got fixed, but now Alternate Layouts and Multiple pages sizes doesn’t screw up the Print Booklet function!.  In fact, when specifying a page range, you can select the name of your alternate layout from a dropdown menu!

Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom Web

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I wasn’t all that impressed with Lightroom Mobile, because I don’t think i really want to do lightroom work on my phone, but somehow I like the idea of Lightroom Web better….Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.48.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.47.14 AMYou can access your mobile lightroom collections from any browser now, and do some light editing. Just log into your adobe account from your browser, or go to

What I really want though, is the ‘web’ presentation features to be dumped out straight from lightroom to my adobe hosted server, and have the front end be something like smug mug..

Adobe Illustrator SVG Filters

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Had the fortune of having to build out some files as SVG the other day. I never really lookeda t the SVG filters. but here is what they look like.. I missed one, but don’t feel like going back to do it again. A couple of them didn’t preview correctly in Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 3.20.03 PM

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Illustrator: Customized Tools Panel

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This feature has been kicking around a while, but I just stumbled on it recently. You can customize and create your own Tools Panel in Illustrator!

This is great for those buried subtools that don’t have a default keyboard shortcut (looking at you, polygon tool!) or those tools that I can never find for the occasional use (knife and scissors). you can basically drag any tool from the tools menu into a new tool bar of your own making, and then have a second tool bar!

• To add tools to your own new tool bar, drag it from the default tool bar

• To remove tools from the customized tool bar, drag it out into the artboard (you have to have a document open to do this)

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.43.09 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.59.51 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.05.53 AM

InDesign Hyperlinks Panel Checks URLs for you from within InDesign

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Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.05.33 PMAnother one of those “when did they do that?’ moments. When you use Hyperlinks in InDesign, the link is checked and if there’s a problem with the link, InDesign will let you know right away!

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