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Photoshop CS6 + CC: Scripted Patterns & Fills

The old Edit > Fill function gots some new updates in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC with Scripted Patterns & Fills. When you use a Pattern Fill, you can now specify “Scripted Patterns“, which will create a pattern based on a Javascript Script. Use scripted patterns to create patterns for generating custom backdrops, picture frames and… um… trees… Seriously. Trees… which is odd

  • Go to Edit > Fill and choose Patterns as the fill option
  • Scripted Pattern will now be a selectable option
  • Select a pattern or define a pattern.
  • There are 8 Scripted Patterns to choose from.
    • Brick Fill
    • Cross Weave
    • Picture Frame: A procedurally generated decorative frame of flowers around the edge of your canvas. does not use a defined pattern swatch. CC Only.
    • Place Along Path: must select a path first. CC only.
    • Random Fill: can also random fill along a selected path
    • Spiral
    • Symmetry Fill
    • Tree: A procedurally generated tree. Pick from many species and leafiness. Does not use a defined pattern swatch. CC Only.
  • Options for each is pretty evident, play around till you like what you see on screen.
  • Because these are based on Javascript, you can probably write your own and load them into Photshop. For more on that, look to the bottom half of this article. http://www.adobe.com/technology/projects/DecoScriptedPatternsInPhotoshop.html


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