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Photoshop CC: Reduce Camera Blur (Camera Shake Reduction)

I remember the preview of this making a big splash ad Adobe MAX a few years ago. The demo photo was a Frank Cappa D-Day photo. The results were… amazing. Anyway, the aim of this filter is to reduce the blur that’s introduced by camera movement (not subject movement) by analyzing the image. Go to Filters > Sharpen > Shake Reduction to try it out.

  • Blur Estimation Tool: Click to locate Detail loupe, Drag to manually define a Blur Region. For best results, create blur traces in regions of the image that have edge contrast.
  • Blur Direction Tool: Manually specify the direction and length of a straight blur trace
  • Blur Trace Bounds: Specify the size of the Blur Trace Boundry Source
  • Noise: Specify Source Image
  • Noise Smoothing: Smoothes noise introduced from the sharpening function Artifact Suppression: Supresses large artifacts
  • Blur Region: Each Blur Region gets its own set of Blur Trace Settings. click to make bigger to see the blur trace. CMD + Click to see blur traces side by side to compare
  • Add Suggested Blur Trace: A blur trace represents the shape and extent of the blur that affects a selected region of the image. Different regions of the image may have differently shaped blurs.
  • To duplicate a Blur Trace Region, drag it into the “add suggested Blur Trace” icon.
  • To dock/undock the Details Loupe, hit Q
  • To compare two different blur traces side by side, CMD+Click the blur trace region.


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