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Photoshop: Generator

Photoshop Generator automatically generates files from your layers or groups. How awesome is that! To turn on Generator go to File > Generate > Image Assets and make sure it is selected. Photoshop will then output images in a folder based on the layer names.  So here are the tricks to naming layers.

Layer naming

  • Name the layer with the extension of the file format you want [.jpg, .png, .gif]
    • redsquare.jpg
    • asset names should be unique at a document level
  • Generate multiple files from a single layer by adding a comma or a plus
    • redsquare.jpg, redsquare.png
    • redquare.jpg + redquare.png
  • Specify a location by adding the subfolder name
    • subfolder/redsquare.jpg
  • Specify Quality by adding it a suffix
    • For jpgs, use 1-10, or 1-100%
      • redquare.jpg10
    • For pngs, specify ping 8, 24, or 32
      • redquare.png24
    • No quality settings for gifs.
  • Change Size of output by adding a prefix. Use %, Px, in, cm, mm
    • 200% file.jpg
    • Can mix and match units
    • Don’t need to specify px if using pixels
    • Photoshop will disproportionately stretch your image if you put in width and height disproportionately
    • Can’t use just width or height, must specify both
  • Set document wide defaults by creating an empty layer and name it starting with [default]
    • default mooch/ – all assets will be placed in a subfolder named mooch
    • default mooch/red – all assets will have red added to filename
    • default mooch/red + 50% moochsm/red – will generate two sets of files, one set at 50% and placed in moochsm subfoler
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