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Photoshop: Blur Gallery Blur Settings

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 7.46.03 PMThe Blur Gallery offers Field Blur, Iris blur, Tilt Shift, Path Blur, and Spin Blur. In addition to the blurs, there are separate tabs for the Blur Effects. and Motion Blur Effects


Blur effects are used with Field Blur, Iris Blur, and Tilt-Shift Blur. As long as you have any of the three up, you can change the settings. The setting is shared across all 3 blurs.

  • Light Bokeh Brightens the out of focus, or blurred areas in the picture.
  • Bokeh Color Adds more vivid color to lightened areas that are not blown out to white.
  • Light Range Determines the range of tones the settings affect.

For Path Blur and Spin Blur, there are settings in Motion Blur Effects. They are a little different, because the spin blur gets a ‘strobe flash duration’ setting. The other two settings, strobe strength and strobe flashes, are NOT shared across the two blurs

  • Strobe Flashes: Set the number of exposures of the virtual strobe flash light.
  • Strobe Strength: Determine how much blurring is displayed between strobe flash exposures. Strobe Strength controls the balance between ambient light and the virtual strobe flash light.
  • Strobe Flash Duration (Spin blur only): Lets you specify, in degrees, the length of a strobe flash exposure. Strobe Flash Duration controls the length of the blur for each flash exposure in terms of angular distance along the circumference.
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