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Photoshop CC 2014 : Smarter Smart Guides

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 6.34.22 PMSmarter Smart Guides in Photoshop CC 2014. It behaves more like you would expect Smart Guides to behave in a page layout program, and really makes a lot more sense if you are working with a lot of rectilinear shapes.

  • To show or hide extra stuff on screen, View > Show > Extras
  • to select smart guides as part of extras: View > Show > Smart Guides
  • Smart Gudies are in Purple. Purple!
  • Unit of measurement is the same as the document ruler.

Here’s how Smart Guide behaves, in Photoshop CC 2014. using the Selection Tool, and working with layers….

  • Dragging a Layer: On screen indicator shows the distance the layer has moved. The number is the change in position, not the XY coordinate of the object on the canvas.
  • Opt+Drag Layer : This is the normal operation for duplicating a layer. With Smart Guides on, Photoshop will display the distance moved between the original layer and the duplicated layer.
  • Cmd + hover : shows the distance between the selected layer in the layers panel and the layer you are hovering over on the canvas.
    • Select a layer in the layers panel
    • Hold down CMD as you hover over the canvas area
    • Smart Guide displays distance between selected layer and the layer you are hovering over
    • [If auto select isn’t on] CMD+Click to select new layer. If auto select is on, just click to select the new layer
    • If you hover over a blank area, Smart Guide will display distance to the edge of canvas. (distance from canvas)
    • Also really good for visually checking just which layer you are on.
  • Automatic Features when dragging layers
    • Space Matching: when moving vector shapes, and the distance between between objects match, Photoshop will display a guide and the distance (Path Measurement)
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  1. 2016/01/01 at 6:34 pm

    My smart guides in both illustrator and photoshop cs5 do not show up at all!! so how do I see them as view-show -smart guides is checked and show extra’s is also checked.. it seems this is some sort of bug as there are a lot of smart guide issues out there, not being able to turn them off or on when needed.

    • Canvai
      2016/01/02 at 6:06 pm

      Generally I toggle smart guides using the keyboard shortcut (Cmd+U). if the show view smart guides is checked, it SHOULD work… CS5 is also really old now and might not have the same behavior/feature set as the current version of the software.

      But, if it doesn’t work at all, maybe preferences are corrupt. do the CMD+ALT+Shit+Cntrl Launch to reset preferences and give that a try?

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