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Illustrator CC 2014 : Pen Tool and Drawing Enhancements

I always say, it’s the small things that matter. Illustrator CC 2014 introduces some small, but nice enhancements to the pen tool and other related drawing functions. For those that need/want/love the absolute precision of the pen tool, these are for you!

  • Rubber Band Preview:  The pen tool now comes with rubber bands, which lets you preview a curve before clicking on the canvas. This makes it more like photoshop’s pen tool. To disable, go to Preferences > Selection & Anchor display > Enable Rubber Band for Pen Tool Check box
  • Paired but Uneven Handles: To draw an anchor point where the bezier handles are paired (in a straight line), but are uneven length, use CMD while drawing to engage this features. Remember, ALT is used to change the tool to draw corner handles. and the default is paired, and handles of the same length. (it’s hard to explain in text!)
  • Change Corner Point to Smooth Point: Changing an anchor point from smooth to corner often redrew the lines in an undesired way. Well, no more. Now you can change the corners and still preserve the appearance of the line.
    • Click on the point with the Convert Point Tool (Shift+C) : Deletes the handles and changes it to a regular corner point
    • Option+Click on the handle with the Convert Point tool: Deletes the handle you click on, and redraws the handle as a paired handle. Preserves the other half of the line
    • Click + Drag on the Point: Draws a new, paired handle to draw a new pair of handles.
  • Snapping to grid: Snapping to grid means the anchor points snap to the grid. Handles are disengaged and freeee!
  • Closing Paths: Clothing paths is easier than ever!
    • Space Bar while closing path – Move the start/end anchor point while you draw.
    • Alt+Click on start/end point to close the shape with disconnected handles. Even if you started the shape with regular handles (I swear this was already a function, gotta double check)


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