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Illustrator CC: New Pencil Tool

The Pcncil Tool in Illustrator is just an awful, awful tool. Until now. New in Illustrator CC 17.1 is a new pencil tool that will actually make you want to use it!

  • Easier Options Panel: Easily change the Fidelity between smooth and accurate. At the smoothest setting, you’ll draw a curve that the Pen Tool would be envious of
  • Draw straight Line segments! Hold down Shift or Alt in the middle of drawing to change the penil tool to the line tool (so to speak). switch easily between curved and straight lines. Shift will give you a constrained (horizontal or vertical) line, and alt will give you an unconstrained line
  • To continue a line or close up a line, just start drawing near a selected line.
  • Edit: For Illustrator CC 2014 (v18) these enhancements have been extended to the Paintbrush and Blob Brush as well.
  • Edit: For Illustrator CC 2014 (v18), use Option/Alt to change toggle the pencil tool to the Smooth tool you press the Option/Alt key.

It’s so nice I (almost) wished the Brush tool would behave the same way.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 4.49.21 PM

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