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Illustrator CC Update: Live Corners

For the January 2014 update, Illustrator CC introduces Live Corners, which allows you to edit and stylize the corners of your objects with ease.

Working with the corner widget:

  • Selecting an object with the direct selection tool (white arrow tool) will reveal the Corner Widget at the corners of your objects.
  • To create a stylized corner, it’s as easy as dragging the corner widget into the shape. To remove a corner, drag the corner widget away from the shape till the corner resets.
  • Work with only one corner by only selecting one point on the object
  • Change the type of corner by alt+clicking on the corner widget
  • A Maximum Angle Limit is the limit of the size of the corner. It cannot exceed the bounding box for your object.

If you want to be precise about it. you can edit with the Corner Panel, which can be found in the Control Bar on top. Apparently there is no individual actual panel for this thing ,and it is only in the control bar. The Contrl bar is context sensitive, so make sure you are in the right tool. You can also choose between absolute and relative corners from here. The Corner Panel will also show up when you double click the Corner Widget

Adjusting Live Corners after changing the bezier curve.

Live corners are live in that they easily allow you to add corners to otherwise sharp edges, but unlike Corner Effects in InDesign, or even Effects > stylize > Round Corners in Illustrator, Live Corners change your actual vector path. That is, illustrator is adding anchor points and changing bezier curves to create this effect. This is not without consequences…

+ Live corners are much less ram intensive than effects
+ Individual corners can be adjusted
+ More options than just “rounded corners”

– Live corners change if the bezier curve changes. and since live corners create bezier curves… this is bad, because somtimes it means disporportionatly resized curves. In the most common example i can think of… if you make a rounded rectangle with rounded corners and then try to resize…  you get a squished rectangle. awful awful awful. Other than that, it’s great…



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