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Adobe InDesign: Print Booklet function no longer recommended

Posted by Dov Isaacs in the Adobe User forms, Dov Isaacs says it’s no longer recommended to use the Print Booklet function at all…..

At Adobe, we would most strongly recommend that you don’t use the internal Print Booklet facility at all. Why? Creating PDF in that manner (including the suggestion of “Was DYP”) results in a very poor quality PDF file with no color management and flattened transparency.

The correct way to deal with making booklets or imposition in general is to directly export PDF from InDesign in logical page number order, preferably using the PDF/X-4 settings with any necessary bleed areas specified.

For commercial printing, it is the responsibility of the print service provider to do the imposition of the PDF file in a manner appropriate for the printed piece and for the equipment being used. (For example, often it is much more economical to print multiple pages and spreads per single sheet, requiring more complex imposition that would ever be possible with InDesign’s Print Booklet facility!) That is part of the service that you should expect from your print service provider!!

For your own personal printing on a less sophisticated laser or inkjet printer, for example, you have other choices. For simple booklet printing, let’s say two 8.5″x11″ pages on an 11″x17″ sheet or even two 5.5″x8.5″ pages on an 8.5″x11″ sheet, you can accomplish this via the booklet printing capability in the Adobe Reader or Acrobat print dialogue. Works perfectly and costs you nothing extra. If you need more complex imposition, there are a number of third party Acrobat plug-ins that do a very professional job of imposition while maintaining color management, live transparency, and even the PDF file’s PDF/X status. One such set of Acrobat plug-in products are Quite Imposing and Quite Imposting Plus (available for both MacOS and Windows) from Quite Software http://www.quite.com. Another similar product is PDF Snake (Windows only) available from http://www.pdfsnake.com.

link here http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1281878.

But Acrobat’s booklet printing doesn’t work perfectly at all. For instance, if each of my pages has bleed and crop marks displayed, Acrobat doesn’t get rid of that on the inside parts. that’s lame. Printing to PS and distilling it again sometimes cause other problems too… so.. i don’t know…

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