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Acrobat XI: The New and The Improved

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.47.34 AMAcrobat seems to be one of those tools that are so essential yet so mundane it risks putting you to sleep just talking about it. Seriously, the presenters in the videos that adobe put out don’t even seem to be interested. But anyway, here is a quick rundown of the new and improved features in Acrobat XI Pro.

Here’s aquick list of what’s new (or newish)

  • Redesigned Content editing tool
  • Redesigned Combined Files dialog
  • Redesigned Action tools
  • New Acrobat.com Integration
  • Customize tools and panels (make your own tool bar)
  • new office 365 integration
  • support for touch gestures
  • Convert PDFs to powerpoint
  • Echosign integration
  • webmail integration
  • accessibility tool enhancements (new guided action)
  • ehnanced standard support (pdf ua)
  • commentary enhancements (undockable comments pane)
  • New multilangual installers
  • Form enhancements
  • Print production ehnahcements
  • improved word/excel/html export
  • ehnancements in Reader

Here is a list that has a bit more detail…

  • Export/Convert to PDF files to word, excel, or powerpoint
    • Pro version needed for powerpoint conversion
    • Tools > Export file to >
    • Right Click > Export selection as
  • Edit Text & Images in the PDF file
    • Tools > Content Editing > Edit Text & Images
    • Blue Boxes highlight to show editable regions
    • Text Reflows automatically
    • Swap in new images in place of old ones
  • Create PDF & Web Forms
    • Forms Central now a desktop app
    • New blank form or choose a template
    • Form options and layout defined in app
  • Combine Files into a Single PDF
    • Now there is a thumbnail and drag-and-drop feature for sorting files before generating new pdf.
    • Or place multiple files into a PDF Portfolio
    • Allows multiple file formats
    • Create > PDF Portfolio
  • Sign documents electronically
    • With Echo Sign (Subscription serice)
    • Sign panel
    • “I Need to sign” & Type or place signature
    • send signed document to echosign service
  • Password Protect PDFs
    • Set from Office Tool Bar
      • Acrobat > Create PDF > Protect PDF
    • In PDF FIle (using Acrobat)
      • File > Properties > password security
  • Create Guided Action to automate PDFs
    • Tools > Action wizard
    • Actions can include instructional callouts
  • Rearrange Pages
    • Improved Page thumbnails panel
    • Tools are available in Tool bar, option menu, or page tools
  • Improved Action Wizard (Guided Action)
    • Tools > Action Wizard
    • Custom Actions
      • Group steps into panels, add divider lines and include instructions
      • Tools > Action Wizard > Manage Actions
        • Rename, or edit actions, or copy and delete or export or import
      • Can be set to automatically enter digital ID for passwords
  • Create and Distribute Forms
    • Tools > Forms > Create
      • Opens Adobe Forms Central Desktop Application
    • With Forms Central Subscription service, can post forms on the web that users can complete online, monitor responses, share and publish reports
    • Echosign aware ready forms – drag echosign form fields (signature or initials field)
  • Create and Combine PDFs
    • New thumbnail view int he combine files dialog box
    • drag & drop to rearrange
    • Create > combine Files into a single PDF
  • Sign and Distribute
    • Sign > Place Signature
    • send and track signatures with EchoSign service
    • Long term validation and ECC based credentials (security and encryption)
  • Customize your tools and workspace
    • Customize > Create new Tool set / Manage Toolset
      • Can share with others, and download from acrobatusers.com
      • add tools from different tool bars into custom set
      • add panels, lines and instructions
    • Undock comments list
      • Comment > Comments list, “Unlock comments List” from options menu
    • Touch Mode for mobile devices and tablets
      • Automatically detects device and activates
      • Buttons further apart, gestures recognized, bigger font size
      • View > show/hide > Toolbar items > touch Mode
      • Can set up in general preferences
      • Eg, citrix receiver app (acrobat files are hosted remotely and opened on device)
  • Protect PDFs
    • Permanently delete information with redaction tools
      • Tools > Protection > mark for redaction
      • Search and remove text
      • Apply redactions
      • Acrobat will prompt to delete hidden information in metadata as well
  • PDF Accessiblity
    • Make accessibility guided actions walk you through the steps to make PDF accessible
    • PDF is validated against PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0 standards
    • Accessibility cheker Panel
    • Make Accessible Action
      • Add document description: Title, subject, author, keywords
      • Detect fillable form fields and OCR (If scanned)
      • Assign Lanugage
      • Enter alt Text for images
      • Then accessibility check erill auto run
  • Export Formats
    • Export to word, excel and powerpoint
    • PDF to HTML pages (file > save as > HTML)
    • Export selection
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