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Dual Wacom Tablet Setup (Part 1)

It took much sleuthing (I found what I was looking for on page 4 of the search results), but there IS (official) word from Wacom regarding multiple tablets on the same computer.

On one of the forums, Wacom posted:

With a single tablet you can use a tablet button set for ‘display toggle’ to toggle the mapping of the tablet between monitor1 and monitor2. It is also possible to use several tablets and have each tablet mapped to one of the monitors. For this it is best, to have tablets with the same pen technology, so that you can use the same pen on both tablets. (When the technology is different you would have to change the pen when going to the other tablet.)

You can configure both tablets differently, the tablet driver will show the settings for the tablet that you are using to open [sic] the tablet properties (opening the driver panel from tablet1 will show and modify the settings for tablet1, opening [sic] the control panel from tablet2 will configure the settings for tablet2).

So a multiple tablet setup can be done, and is supposed to be able to be done! not some weird hack. So let’s see if we can get a dual tablet setup working!

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