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Photoshop CS6 (Creative Cloud): Conditional Actions



Conditional Actions are Back! Unfortunately, it’s only for the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop CS6 right now.  I missed it tremendously from when ImageReady had it. Anyways, here is a list of conditions…

If Current:

  • Document is Landscape
  • Document is Square
  • Document Mode is RGB
  • Document Mode is CMYK
  • Document Mode is Grayscale
  • Document Profile is sRGB
  • Document Depth is 8 bits Per Pixel
  • Document Depth is 16 bits per pixel
  • Document Has unsaved changes
  • Document has a selction
  • Document has Layers
  • Document has Alpha CHannels
  • Document is Open
  • Layer is background
  • Layer is Pixel Layer
  • Layer is Adjustment Layer
  • Layer is Shape Layer
  • Layer is Layer Group
  • Layer is Locked
  • Layer is Visibile
  • Layer has Pixel ask
  • Layer has Vector Mask
  • Layer Has Effects


  1. Rowan
    2013/02/28 at 1:45 am

    I just learned about this through the CreativeLive.com Photoshopweek section on Actions and have to say: To not provide this extremely valuable tool to those of us who have paid a lot of money to upgrade to CS6 is a big slap in the face. I guess Adobe is so hung up on generating revenue streams that supporting faithful users comes in second.

    Seriously, Adobe, not providing the ability to add conditionals to actions for users who have paid good money to upgrade to CS6 just really stinks.

    Please consider the user when you make a decision like this.

    • Canvai
      2013/02/28 at 4:45 am

      I agree. This is especially bad considering that this is an OLD function, and pretty useful. I wonder what will happen when CS7 gets rolled out. Will all the incremental CS6 upgrades for CC users be given to the boxed version? is the CC version actually a different version number?

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