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InDesign CS6: Content Collector, Content Placer, Content Conveyor

When I first heard about the Content Collector Tool, I thought, why do I need all that when I have ‘o trusty Cut-and-Paste? Well, it turns out there’s quite a few things that this set of tools do that cut-and-paste doesn’t.

  • The Content Collector Tool Collects Content and places it into the Convent Conveyor
    • Select the tool from the Tool Bar with [B]
    • InDesign will go into Content Collection Mode
    • Hover over an item and it will highlight. Click on it and it will be collected into the conveyor
    • Drag out a marquee to collect multiple items as a set (preview shows top item) even without grouping
  • The Content Placer Tool Takes content in the conveor and places it in your layout.
    • Behaves a lot like File > Place for multiple items
    • Use left and right arrows to cycle through the conveyor
    • Use the down and up arrow to go deeper into sets
    • Use ESC to get rid of something from the conveyor
    • Click to place
    • Click and Drag to place and size content
    • Add ALT to distribute objects’ spacing while placing (live distribute)
  • The Content Conveyor is the respository where your assets are collected
    • It is persistent, you can switch from document to document, and the collected content will remain
    • Make the conveyor appear/disappear with [ALT+B]
    • Create Link: For text, instead of just pasting a copy, the conveyor will “place and link” the text content
    • Map Styles: Maps text to an alternate paragraph, character, or cell style so the content can be the same but the appearnace different

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 1.15.54 PM

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