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InDesign CS6: Liquid Layout: Object-Based (Part 3)

Object-based rule is the other really powerful option to choose for liquid layout. Like Guide-Based Rule, it takes more time to setup but is much more flexible.

  • Select an object or activate the page tool and select [object-based] from the Liquid Layout Panel.
  • The Object Constraints check boxes will determine how the object re-sizes and moves.
  • Object Constraints need to be setup for each individual object.
  • If an object doesn’t have any settings, it’ll just recenter.
  • Object constraint comes with these options:
    • Re-size: Resizes  height / width as page size changes.
    • Pin: Pin one edge of the object to the edge of the page. As page re-sized, the distance between the page and the object will be the same.
  • When in the Page Mode (using the Page Tool), the selected object will have its object constraints represented visually. Click on the circles (or the lock and squiggle) to activate/deactivate each.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 1.21.38 PM

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