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InDesign CS6: Liquid Layout Overview (Part 1)

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 12.53.01 PMLiquid Layout is a new tool for CS6 that works to reposition items on the page when the size of the page changes. It largely replaces Layout Adjustment, which is present in CS5 and earlier. Layout Adjustment is still available in the fly out menu from the Liquid Layout Panel.

  • Liquid Layout Panel will be grayed out when you first open it. To activate it, switch to the Page tool, or select an object on the page. Layout > Liquid Layout  or Window > Liquid Layout
  • Liquid Page Rule controls how the liquid layout is handled on each page. Each page gets only one rule. Each page can have it’s own rule. Applies to page!
    • Controlled by Master: The page gets the same liquid page rule as the master page it is based on.
    • Scale: Scales all the objects on the page as if it were a giant group. All elements scale in proportion, meaning text size will change.
    • Re-Center: All content on the page automatically re-centers. The content remains the same size.
    • Object-based: Each object on the page will be specified a liquid page rule of whether to be re-sized or re-positioned.
    • Guide-based: Objects will re-size based on Liquid Guides. Works similarly to 9-slice scaling. Text will reflow but not be re-sized.
  • Auto Fit: For images, turns on/off auto-fit options for the selected object. Applies to the selected object.
  • Object Constraints: For object-based liquid page rule. Determine the constraints for each object.

With a Liquid Page Rule selected, objects will now automatically adjust to changes in the page size when you use the Page Tool.

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