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InDesign CS6: Auto-Size (Text Frame Options)

Another feature added to text frame options is the auto-size, where the text frame auto-magically re-sizes to fit your content. No more overset text! Use the options to tell the text box whether it can re-size horizontally, vertically, or both. Auto-sizing kicks in when you change the frame size, or when you add content.

  • Auto-Size allows InDesign to automatically resize the text frame when the amount of content changes. Since the resizing is based on fitting the content, it doesn’t really work with threaded text, except for the last text frame, where the text has no where to go.
  • Anchors (the 9 square thing) depending on which auto-sizing option is chosen, different corners of the grid will be hi-lighted, indicating the direction of the auto resize.
    Click on one of the available squares to anchor that edge during resize.
  • Height Only: Adjust to the desired width and the height will auto-size to fit the content. Since text flows horizontally, this is pretty close to a normal text-reflow
  • Width Only: Adjust to the desired height and the width will auto-resize to fit the content.
  • Height and Width: This one seems buggy. But both width and height are adjustable, and the other one will re-size to fit. Buggy because I often end up with a really tall   or really wide frame for no reason.
  • Height and Width (Keep Porportions): Re-size the text fram however you want. The aspect ratio of the text frame on release is the same porportions that’s used to fit the text.
  • No Line Breaks: Only for options with for Width auto-size. Line breaks are ignored. The entire paragraph is placed on one line. The subsequent paragraph is on the next line. The width of the text frame is the length of the longest line.


  1. Adam
    2014/04/09 at 2:56 pm

    I am trying to data merge over 1,000 names onto name tags from a text document. If I go with the font for the longest name all the names look weird. Is there a way to resize the font according to the size of the text box I’ve drawn out? This would be very helpful as I do not want to look through 1,000+ names and hand size each one.

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