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InDesign CS6: Primary Text Frame, Primary Text Thread

InDesign CS6 got rid of Master Text Frames, and instead replaced it with Primary Text Frames. As it turns out, Primary Text Frames and Master Text Frames aren’t all that different (disappoint). It does make it working with text on the master page a bit easier though, since it now has it’s own icon.

  • Text frame on master page will have a little icon on the upper left side to indicate whether it is a Primary Text Frame. Click on it to toggle the functionality on and off.
  • Primary text frames will automatically be overridden on layout pages. Text that’s placed into a primary text frame will automatically thread with the primary text frame of the next page.
  • Smart Text Reflow is turned on by default, and is set to work only with Primary Text Frames by default.
  • Master page can only have one frame be the primary text frame. You can threat multiple frames together and both will display the primary text frame icon, but the text won’t flow properly.
  • Good for digital publishing and liquid layout. Use in combination with Smart Text Reflow.

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 1.54.06 PM

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