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Illustrator CS6: Pattern Options Panel

Making Pattern Swatches in Illustrator has never been easier, with the new Pattern Options panel for CS6. To view it, got to Window > Pattern Options

  • To make a new pattern with Pattern Options, choose New Pattern from the Pattern Options Panel.
  • When editing the pattern, Illustrator will go into a Pattern Editing Mode, similar to Isolation Mode. Illustrator will create a Pattern swatch automatically.
  • To edit a pattern, double click on the pattern swatch, and you’ll automatically be switched to the Pattern Editing Mode
  • You can still use all the old methods, like dragging pattern swatches onto the artboard.
  • Tile Type: Choose between square and hexagon tiles how they stack/stagger
  • Size Tile to Art: Tile gets bigger or smaller depending on the art size.
  • Move Tile with Art: When there is only one object, moving the art will move the tile as well so the art remains int he same relative space.
  • Overlap: Determines the stacking order of the tiles in the corners
  • Copies: Settings determine the preview of when the art tiles.

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 12.35.59 PM

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