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Photoshop CS6: Scripted Patterns

An added functionality for the old pattern fill, Scripted Patterns allow you to choose a patterned fill. “Scripted” patterns implies that more options can be generated with different scripts, if you only know how to write them and where to load them into Photoshop. For now, here they are…

  • Under Edit > Fill , choose Use: Pattern and select [Scripted Patterns]
  • Brick Wall: Staggers the patterns in with an horizontal offset (and apparently a vertical slant). Color variances are added.
  • Cross Weave: Places patterns in a cross weave. It looks like a regular tile but the pattern direction is changed. Color variances are added
  • Random Fill: Random! Random size, placement, and rotation
  • Spiral: Spiral!
  • Symmetry Fill: Looks kind of random but the patterns are placed in a symmetrical snowflake. Work with patterns that aren’t a boring square.


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