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Photoshop CS6: Adaptive Wide Angle Lens Correction

New to Photoshop CS6, another lens correction tool… But this one is different. So you can already do lens correction through Adobe Camera Raw, and through Filter > Lens Correction, but these are global corrections. The new Adaptive Wide Angle filter [Filter > Adaptive Wide Angle] allows for local adjustments, so you can remove some lens distortion, and keep others. Russel Brown has a great video on this which I highly recommend.

  • Can be applied as a smart filter
  • Don’t apply multiple lens correction tools on an image

Types of Correction

  • Fisheye: Correct curvature caused by a fisheye lens.
  • Perspective: Correct converging lines caused by camera tilt or perspective
  • Full Spherical: Corrects the 360 Panorama stich created in Photoshop CS6. Image must be in a 2:1 ratio
  • Auto: Detects the settings based on camera and lens data


  • Scale: Determine the scale of the final image within the frame. Use a bigger scale to crop out transparent areas
  • Focal Length: Indicate the focal length (and distortion) of the lens
  • Crop Factor: Indicate the crop factor of the camera, affecting the image circle. Start with a value of 1 if there is no camera metadata.


  • Constraint Tool: Drag over key area of image to constraint that part to be straight. Hold down shift to make it vertical/horizontal (or right click to change it).
  • Polygon Constraint Tool: Drag a polygon over an object to make it a perfect square.


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