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Photoshop CS6: New Vector Layers

Photoshop CS6’s Vector Shapes gets an upgrade, they are called Vector Layers. Instead of being vector masks, they are their own layers now. Now, if you look at a vector shape created in Photoshop, instead of a color fill layer with a vector mask, it is its own layer type! ((though I once was able to delete the vector shape and it revealed a color fill layer underneath, so a lot of it is visual)

  • Vector Layers support stroke properties, including dashed lines
  • Change appearance with the Path Selection tool
  • When using vector shapes, use keyboard shortcuts to make compound paths.
  • You can also cut-and-paste paths into the vector layers to make compound paths (when using the pen tool)
  • You can also Ctrl+Click (Right Click) to combine/subtract shapes or to copy fill/stroke attributes
  • Align-Edge and Snap To Pixel lets you snap pixel edges to the pixel grid for nice clean edges


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