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Photoshop CS6: New Crop Tool

Photoshop CS6 gets a new, improved Crop Tool. If you’ve been using Camera Raw or Lightroom, the interface shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but the new crop tool is more responsive and gives a better visual representation of what the image will look like after the crop.

  • [C] keyboard shortcut for the crop tool. You no longer have to drag out a crop selection, one is already there for the editing. Similarly, if you already have a crop, you can easily edit the crop.
  • Rotating the crop will rotate the image within the crop frame instead of rotating the frame. This way you can see exactly how the image will line up with your vertical and horizontal axis
  • Crop settings can now be saved as a preset
  • Straighten Tool: Works like the Ruler tool, but now incorporated
  • Within the crop too, there are many keyboard shortcuts to change its settings:
    • [P] to toggle Classic Mode (the old way the crop tool works)
    • [H] to show/hide the cropped area
    • [O] to cycle through the various overlays (Golden Spiral, Rule of Thirds..etc)
    • [X] to flip between a horizontal and vertical crop (if your crop isn’t a square)
    • [F] to crop to the Front image size and resolution (not sure exactly what this does
    • [R] to pull up the size/resolution dialog box

Photoshop CS6's New Crop Tool



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