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DPS Webinar Notes: Part 7: Building a Custom Look, Feel and Experience for DPS Apps

Social Networking & Favoriting

  • Enable Wev Viewer
  • Uncheck “Protect’ content
  • Viewer Builder (enable sharing) (web based browser)
  • Facebook sharing,
  • Desktop (web broswer) viewer
  • Favoriting (Star Icon) – like bookmarks, works across multiple issues

Custom HTML5 Features

  • DPS Supports most webkit APIs and HTML5 functionality
  • Use embedded webviews or create standalone html5 pages
  • Examples: Search, custom TO
  • Use Adobe Edge to create animated and interactive HTML5 content

Enterprise App Distribution

  • Enterprise App distrbution – distribute your DPS app from your own location without listing it on the Apple iTunes store.
  • Useful for corporate and educational apps that are intended for internal company
  • Folio & content is hosted by Adobe’s DPS service

Restricted Distribution

  • Deliver content to specific group for Free (without signing in)
  • Differs from entitlement in that the folio is not available for separate purchase
  • Offer specific folios to sub segments of user base authorized users

Branded Storefronts

  • Publisher controlled UI for folio broswer (library view)
  • Allows for incorporation of branding and unique elements
  • Common uses: Sponsored ad placement. Content categorization, incorporate other content, Deliver personalized information, Search functions.

DPS Enterprise Edition APIs

  • Entitlements API –  user database
  • Store Front  API – can use HTML, Javascript
  • Use as combinatio for personalized experience

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