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DPS Webinar Notes: Part 5: Assemble & Publish


  • Entitlement – Permission to download an item
  • Fulfillment – Process of making entitled content available for downloading
  • Marketplace – Where apps are available for downloading
  • Distribution Service – Where Folios are availalbe for downloading
  • In-App Purchase – Allows the purchase of content or subscription within your app

Types of Apps

  • Single Folio – The folio is built into the app. The app has no library
  • Multi Folio – A libray based viewer that is a shell for all your published folio/issues (in Ap purchase allowed)
  • Multi-Folio with subscription App – Gives publishers the ability to offer itunes or google play based subscription options
  • Multi Folio with Entitelment – Connects the app with an entitlement server to give customers the ability to ahtenticate a subscription purchased outside of the application (ie, buy print subscription, get digial subscription for free)
  • Enterprise Signed App – Internal distributio of app rather than downloaded from App Store. Requires Apple ios enterprise license.

Folio Producer Tools

  • aLibrary Filter – specify filter name in each folio (ie can filter by language)
  • Update Content – include content in update, otherwise just metadata update

Folio Editor

  • Change metadata
  • Download Priority
  • Protected – enables social sharing and desktop broswer

DPS App Builder: Before you Begin

  • Aple requires all applications to be signed by a valid certificate
  • Each certificate requires its own p12 file and mobile provisions file
  • Certificates are not tired to the product ID. You can use these for multiple apps
  • Mobile provision file determines which ipad/iphones ca install and use your app
    • Tied to app ID
    • Mobile provisions file & development app includes a list of ipad IDs called UDIDs (Testing apps have a list of Ipad Serial Numbers attached to restrict distribution)
    • Mobile provision file for distribution app does not include UDIDs

APP Builder

  • Use App Builder (application) on Mac only
  • or from Dash Board (browser based) (?)
  • Use App Builder to download test app or upload to distribution server
  • Options include setting persistence of scroll bar, hot zones, rate this app
    , Setup icons and splash screens, enable newssteand, custom store fronts

Enterprise Signed App

  • Apple allows you to distribute iOS applications using an enterprise distribution provider profile. When you use this profile, you do no thave to distribute the application through the app store. Rather, your end users can download and install the applications from a webpage that you provide
  • From DPS App builder, choose “enterprise signed build’ option.
  • look up distributing_enterprise_ios_ viewer_apps.hml for more help
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