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DPS Webinar Notes: Part 4: Folios & Articles

.Folio File

  • A collection of articles (cover, articles, ad.). Indesign files
  • Represents an issue of a magazine
  • Folio assets are bundled as a package, like a ZIP file
  • Folio is a package of assets built by the Folio Builder and unpackaged and rendered by the Viewer
  • Articles in folios are created as snap-shots of the original Indd files (Jpgs, PNG, PDF)
  • Overlays are nteractive objects that are layered on top of the static snapshots
  • An XML manifest file describes the order of articles and includes XY coordinates for the interactive overlays on the page.
  • Folios can be produced manually or by using Folio Builder, Folio Producer, and distributed APIs

Contents of a .Folio file

  • Rename the folio as .ZIP to see inside
  • includes Folio.xml – the manifest file for articles and locations of overlays
  • Meta-INF (folder) – like an epub

Attributes of a Folio file

  • Name
  • Viewer Version
  • Target device & Dimensions
  • Orientation selection
  • Ridge Edge Binding
  • Default Format (Jpg, PNG, PDF)
  • Cover Previews – Shown in the library view
  • Publication Date
  • Status (retail/public)
  • Product ID
  • Library Filter – specify category of folio, eg, different languages

Viewer Versions

  • Folio Builder allows you to create folios that are targeted for specific viewer versions
  • Newer version – with newer features are available ~6 weeks with each DPS release
  • Newer versions can display old content but old viewers can display new content
  • Incompatibility case: For example, if a viewer (app) is build with v20 and a folio is published with v23, then the app has to be updated before the folio can be displayed
  • Mandatory updates
    • Folio builder updates are always mandatory to maintain compatibility with folio producer service
    • Targeted viewer version is set to stay the same during updates
    • Best practices is for publishers to change targeted viewer version 2-3 times a year.

Attributes of an Article

  • Name
  • Format
  • Title
  • Byline
  • Kicker
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Download Priority
  • Protected – Allow social sharing if it is turned off
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Ad
  • Hide from TOC
  • TOC Image

Previewing & Testing

  • Desktop Content Viewer – Part of the DPS Tools
  • Test on Ipad – Upload and sign in with the viewer App
  • Sideload the app – requires to build a side loadable content viewer app with Enterprise edition for Apple. Android just plug it in


  • Renditions are variations of the same folio that have different dimensions targeted to different devices.
  • Must have same name and properties (except dimensions)
  • The distribution service detects the type of device and services the corresponding rendition.
  • If a specific device rendition is not available the distribution service picks the losest one based on screen size / aspect ratio, letterboxes the content and services it to the device.
  • CS6 aids the creation of renditions with the liquid layout feature.


  • Need enterprise edition DPS service and Enterprise app developer license to create private apps
  • Single edition has no custom UI, no updates except as a whole app update
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