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DPS Webinar Notes: Part 3: Interactivity & Overlays

Overlay Classes

  • Resampled Overlays: Overlays will be resampled and optimized for the device
    • Slideshow
    • Scrollable Frame
    • Buttons
  • Passthrough Overlays: Assets just get passed through. Optimize it yourself!
    • Pan & Zoom
    • Image Sequence
    • Audio & Video
    • Audio Skins
    • Panorama
    • HTML Resources (probably)


  • Slideshows can be saved as vector output
  • Multi State Object names will be updated automatically (when using buttons)
  • Can place Movies/Scrollable Frames..etc
  • States can have different location, size..etc

Scrollable Frames

  • “Content” and “Container” frame
  • Can be resampled as raster or vector
  • make container 10 px wider for scroll bar
  • Make sure content frame is sized to fit


  • New hyperlink with hyperlinks panel or buttons. Don’t shre hyperlink destination
  • To navigate to other parts of the same folio use
    • navto://articlename#3 (exact article name and page count starting with zero)
  • mailto://

Pan & Zoom

  • This one is the most resolution dependent overlay, so make sure there is enough resolution for ipad2 and 3
  • Zooms up to 100%
  • For v23, have [HD] folder of asset next to normal assets. allows for creating multi-rendition folios

Web Assets

  • Adobe Edge into OAM files for animation
  • or HTML Resources

Image Sequence

  • Point to folder with images named sequentially.


  • use Pano2VR software
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