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DPS Webinar Notes: Part 2: Document Design

Basic Structure of DPS

  • Renditions: The publication as different apps on different devices
    • Create different folios (using the same name)
  • App: An app that appears on iPad,
    • Single & Multiple folio apps (Multi folio app has a library view)
  • Folio – The publication you are building is called a folio
  • Article – The folio is made up pf articles. Appears in your TOC and Navigation
  • Layout – One or two orientation for each article

Orientation/Layouts/Alternate Layouts Considerations

  • Different devices nave different screen dimensions and different aspect ratios, so each needs its own layout
  • Single or dual orientation option for each rendition
  • Font sizes need to be bigger than print (16 to 18pt type for a 1024×768 screen)
  • No Facing Pages/Spreads (But you can think of a horizontal layout as a spread)
  • Use RGB
  • Make it Interactive
  • There is no “hover”

File Intent

  • CS6 adds a “Digital Publication” option as an intent
  • Color space is in RGB
  • Rulers are in Pixels
  • Facing pages turned off
  • Dimensions pre-dialed in for tablets
  • Primary Text Frame selected (CS6)

Paginated Design Considerations

  • Default behavior for page is vertical swipe
  • Can be set to horizontal swipe (options for creating article)
  • Scrolling Page (set up a long page 1024×5000 for example)

Alternate Layouts (CS6 Feature)

  • Makes it easy to create Renditions
  • Liquid Layout allows page to have a set of rules (object based, guide based) to determine how objects behave when page resizes
    • In object based setting, each object can be set to snap to an edge
  • Text frames can be set to add/subtract columns automatically (fixed width)
  • In CS 5 and 5.5, Each layout and rendition has to be its own file.

Managing Files for Article Creation

  • Open System Workflow
    • Use CS6 and Alternate layout
    • Add open document. Create  articles one at a time
    • One Design file makes multiple folios
  • Import Workflow
    • Import articles function from Folio builder only works with this method.
    • File names and folder structure creates order
    • Specific file naming conventions and folder structure
    • Efficieent but more file management
    • XML side car file for meta data
    • CS5 and 5.5 System
    • Requires multiple InDesign files for each layout.
    • [Folio folder] <– becomes folio name
      • Sidecar.xml
      • [Article folder] <– become article name
        • indesign_h.indd
        • indesign_v.indd
        • [links]
          • [HD]


  • Each target device for the same publication has to be a new ‘rendition’ (A new folio at a different size with the same name)
  • To publish on both iPad 2 and 3, have to create a new rendition (or just create iPad 2)
  • New Multi-Rendition Folio allows you to create SD & HD content in one folio!
    • Use most current viewer version (version 23) when creating folio (based on PDF based viewer)
    • Use two sets of assets (HD folder within links)
    • Dependent on file names and folder structure to create renditions properly

Types of DPS content

  • Background Content: Non-interactive elements in the layout. Rasterized and optimized during the conversion process
  • Basic Interactivity: Slideshows, Buttons, scrolling frames. Are resampled during DPS conversion
  • Pass Through Content: Video and Audio files are NOT resampled and optimized during DPS conversion so you have to do it yourself.
    • Video doesn’t need to be higher than 1080p
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