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Photoshop Color Picker Keyboard Shortcut

You can edit and customize your own keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop by going to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts… I’ve always tried to use the default set so I don’t fuss with this much, but apparently starting with CS5, the Color Picker is an option to be mapped to a keyboard shortcut!

If you need to access the color picker often (such as digital painting) this might come in handy! Or, if you are on a machine without hardware acceleleration (or like me where it’s really slow) and the HUD Color Picker doesn’t work so well, this is a great option.

I picked the ; (semicolon) and the ‘ (apostrophe) as my color picker shortcuts because the original ones were mapped to some magnetic lasso function. Magnetic lasso is useless anyway. Also, the keys are next to the [return] key, so it’s easy to get rid of the color picker once you are done too!

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