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Photoshop Touch: Adobe Nav 1.1

I reviewed the original Adobe Nav here, and my wish list was longer than the list of features that it offered. Well, I didn’t pay too much attention to the app after that but then I noticed that there is an update. Some of my wishes did get addressed, which is great. But now I tried to set it up as a serious tool and still wish it could do more. It’s gotten a lot better though!

  • Ability to add Actions to Nav: This is a great feature. For me however, I really want to use Nav to do simple things like switching brushes. It’s not too big of a deal, but I just record some simple 2 step actions and I am able to add it to my Nav panel.
  • Custom Workspace: More than one workspace configuration for Nav. Useful if you use it for different things

Still, more on the wishlist…

  • Use Full Screen as Navigation: Pinch and Swipe to Zoom and Pan
  • Map Custom Hot Keys: For keys that Actions can’t record and aren’t a menu item (Change brush opacity/size/softness)
  • On Screen HUD Color Picker
  • Spring loaded Tools: Just like in the actual program
  • Incorporate Color Lava for Color mixing: Or make the two apps connect simultaneously

  1. tom syrstad
    2013/01/08 at 3:37 am

    is there a tutorial or notes somewhere that shows how to add actions to adobe nav?

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