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Fireworks Basic Document Structure

Fireworks’s document structure is a little strange if you are not familiar with it, but it is really powerful. I made a little picture to explain the basic file structural elements.

All Fireworks files contain at least one page, one state, and two layers. This is the basic structural setup of a Fireworks document.


Pages are the top level structural element for our document. All your assets are belong to a page. Think of pages in Fireworks as you would pages on a website, or pages in a book.
• Multiple pages are supported.
• Pages can be different sizes.
• Assets can be selectively shared across multiple pages.


A “State” is a particular iteration of a given page. A web button may have multiple states, such as ‘rollover’ and ‘click’. These variations can be created as states. Simple web animations can also be created by using states.
• Multiple states can be created for each page.
• Assets can be shared across states.


Layers are the structural element that contain the actual assets. In Fireworks, Layers have a folder icon, while individual elements are contained within the layer.
• Web Layer is a default share layer for image slices.
• Layer 1 is the default blank initial layer.
• Layers are NOT shared across states by default.
• Layer assets can be shared across States or Pages.


The Properties Panel is a context sensative panel that provies formatting options for a given selection. The properties panel is responsible for controling the Character and Paragraph appearance, Stroke and Fill, Transparency and Filters.

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