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Digital Publishing: Article Format Options

When you import an article into a folio for DPS, you have the option to choose different formats for flattening. What’s the difference??

  • PNG: Looks great, larger file size.
  • JPG:Smaller file size, type may be aliased. Uses more RAM.
  • PDF:Small file size. Vector based.
    • Supports pinch and zoom. All interactivity supported.
    • May be slow to load between articles.
    • Cannot preview in the Folio Producer Editor.
    • iOS only.
    • Great for iPad3.
    • Smooth Scrolling feature is not supported.
  • HTML: Renders the page as html. Allows html type interactions. Content fidelity may be comprosed and can be slow to load.

To add an HTML article, create all your content and HTML file, and point to that folder in the location field.

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