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HTML5: Associated Technologies

Geolocation API

  • Build location-aware applications.
  • Doesn’t use IP Addresses.
  • Opt-In
  • navigator.geolocation: global navigator object
    • getCurrentPosition() : single-shot method to return location data
    • watchPosition() : tracks location data over time
    • timestamp
    • coords
      • latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, altitudeAccuracy, heading, speed

Webstorage API

  • Instead of cookies (small amount of data) or server-side storage (slower)
  • Stores data in key/value pairs and can store up to 5mb
  • Session Storage: Stores data for a single session in a single window
  • Local Storage: controls data that’s in more than one window and more than one session


  • Bi-directinoal client server connection
  • Browser native


  • CSS3 specification is split off into Modules: Selectors, Fonts, Colors…etc
  • Improved element and content targeting
  • Allow for new styling options like drop shadows and opacity
  • Improved support for fonts
    • @font-face lets you directly reference fonts
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