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HTML5 Drag & Drop API

Unlike Canvas, the Drag & Drop API implementation isn’t consistent across different browsers.

In general, drag & drop works like this…

  • Define an object as being draggable
    • <img src=”cat.jpg” draggable>
    • links and images are draggable by default. IE restricts draggable elements to links and images (hrefs only).
    • Draggable elements can be copied, moved, or linked.
  • Define a drop target
    • <image class=”droptarget” ondragenter=”dragEnterHandler(event)” ondragover=”dragOverHandler(event)” ondrop=”dropHandler(event)”>
    • ondragleave is optional
    • dataTransfer.setData(“text/plain”)
    • dataTransfer.getData(“text”)
  • Use the API to handle the interaction between the two.


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