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Content Overlay Panel Expanded (DPS)

The Overlay Creator Panel in InDesign CS5/5.5 lets you create interactive overlays for DPS publications. Some things, like hyperlinks and slideshows, can be done  using existing tools already, while others are unique to DPS interactions. Certain content types (like hyperlinks) don’t really require much tweaking to work in DPS.

The Overlay Creator panel is contextual, meaning it’ll pull up the set of menus and options that it thinks you want, based on your selection. But I thought I would expand everything and put it together into one giant graphic, with the InDesign instruction next to it. Click to make it bigger.

  • Hyperlink : Create a hyperlink using either the Buttons panel or the Hyperlinks panel. When using the Buttons panel, create a Go To URL action. To view Hyperlink options, select the button or hyperlink object.
  • Slideshow: Create a multi-state object using the Object States panel (Window > Interactive > Object States).
    To view Slide show options, select the multi-state object.
  • Image Sequence: Create a folder that contains the group of images to be displayed. Name the image files using ascending numbers, such as image001.jpg, image002.jpg, and so on.
    Select a placeholder frame or an image to be used as a poster.
  • Audio & Video: Place an audio or video file, and select it to begin. To display an audio controller, create folder that contains a set of _play and _pause images.
  • Panorama: Create a folder containing the six images that represent the inside of a cube.
  • Web Content: Select the container frame in which the web content or local HTML file will display.
  • Pan & Zoom: Resize the image frame to crop the image you wish to pan or pan & zoom. The image frame is the view area in which the content scrolls.
    To create a scrolling text frame, create a text frame and a contaner frame. Cut the text frame and use the Paste Into command to paste it into the container frame.
    Select the container frame to view Pan & Zoom options.
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