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Digital Publishing Suite Interactivity features (supported/not supported)

I was very excited to build a demo .folio file for class. and when I was done, some things were broken. It turns out there are a bunch of interactivity features not supported straight out of InDesign. I hope this gets fixed.

From Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite Help File (which everyone should read):

InDesign CS5 includes many interactivity features for exporting to SWF and PDF. Some but not all of these features are supported in the digital publishing workflow.

Supported interactivity features

  • Multi-State Objects
  • Use MSOs to create slideshows.
  • Hyperlinks
  • Create URL, Email, Page, and Navto hyperlinks.
  • Buttons
  • Only the On Release event with one action is supported.
  • Supported hyperlink actions include Go To Destination, Go To First Page, Go To Last Page, Go To URL, Go To Page, Go To State, Go To Previous State, and Go To Next State.
  • Audio: Placed mp3 files play. You cannot loop or stream audio at this time.
  • Video: Supported video files play. You cannot loop or stream video at this time.

Additional interactive overlays

  • You can also create web views, 360 viewers, pan and zoom images, panoramas, and scrollable frames.

Interactivity features not supported

  • Animation: Animated objects are flattened when bundled. One workaround is to export an animated InDesign document in FLA format and use the Wallaby utility to create an HTML5 file.
  • Certain hyperlinks: Text Anchor and Shared Destination hyperlinks are not supported.
  • Certain button actions: Go To Next Page, Go To Previous Page, Show/Hide Buttons, Sound, and Video button actions are not supported. Multiple actions are not supported. On Click and On Rollover events are not supported.

Other features not supported

Bookmarks, cross-references, and page transitions are not supported.

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